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ABC Members CMA / BEAR Development members promoting careers in construction

From Kurk, Inc.

ABC members Kurk Inc, The Reesman Company, and Construction Management Associates (CMA)/BEAR Development hosted high school students at the Canopy Hills development for National Skilled Trades Day held on the first Wednesday

of each May.

More than 40 students from Racine County high schools got the opportunity on Wednesday, May 4 to have a pretty cool field trip to a 168-acre single family and multi-family development in Union Grove. The students were from Union Grove High School, Racine Park High School and Racine Horlick High School.

Amanda Kurt of Kurk, Inc. organized the trip to show students the variety of careers in construction. Students were able to see many trades professionals including carpenters, plumbers, roofers, surveyors, and machine operators.

Eric Reesman, Seth Scott, and Kyle Hettermann of The Reesman Company showed students GPS staking, 3D modeling, and different earth moving equipment. Kyle piqued student’s interests when he talked about flying his GPS drone over jobsites to quantify overall progress that has been made.